Input needed during beta mode

Input needed during beta mode

I am so happy to launch the re-purposed MICHIGANMUSKIEBOB site. This will be a huge surprise to my father, Robert Brunner (aka MuskieBob). Surprise!

To site members, please know that I am unable to identify all of the bugs, issues or shortcomings of the site without members pointing them out. Therefore this site is in beta mode until I am sure that we’re in good shape. Hopefully, things are already in good shape, so it won’t take long. In the meantime, I thank you for your patience.

Specifically, please help me with the following needs as well as pointing out any problems or issues outside of this list:

  • I need help with identifying post categories.
  • I need suggestions for additional fields in the member’s profiles.
  • I need your thoughts on improving the site.

You can write any response in the comments section, so that everyone can see what’s already been pointed out. Thank you.

Also, please know that it is my greatest hope to add video/audio chat to the site as soon as we have enough members to warrant the cost of it.

Welcome to the new MICHIGANMUSKIEBOB site.

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