Why Join This Community

Why Join This Community

In the building of this site I’ve included many “Facebook-ish” features and, as well, a great way for members to share content of many forms, from stories to open lists, with the community at large. Feature wise, this is a very nice platform. I will improve it with audio and video chat as soon as possible, but, all in all, it is feature-rich. However, for the community to be as experiential-rich as it can be, it needs to grow in membership.

With increased membership comes greater opportunity for connections, conversations, and activities. It moves the experience from reading and writing to interaction and growth. The best way to increase membership is for members to discern why they joined and how their participation adds to their lives. In this way members can share their experience with others using everyday tools, such as mailing lists, twitter, Facebook and so on. The truths is that members who enjoy being a part of the community can more easily reach out to those around them in a way that inspires consideration.

As I write this post, however, there are no members. This site has been “re-purposed” and that is another way of saying that it is at ground zero. So it is on me to share some thoughts and ideas on why anyone would join the community on this site. So, here goes the straight-forward list:

  • You know Robert or a family member and you want to be supportive at this point in his life.
  • You know someone who knows Robert or a family member and it feels good to participate.
  • You do not know Robert or a family member but you like the idea of helping out a WWII vet or fellow fisher-person.
  • You do not know Robert or a family member but you like the idea of joining a community of kindhearted individuals.
  • And, of course, you have a bucket list too!

These practical reasons are but a step to joining the community. You could join “just because.”

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