Community Rules

Community Rules

As a community, we have rules. We reserve the right to add and modify the current list. This is a private community and our goal is to make it a positive one.

  • NO VULGARITY: Self explanatory.
  • NO AGGRESSION: Attacking or bullying others is not in the spirit of the community, and will not be tolerated.
  • NO POLITICS: The political realm is a mess. That’s all we need to say about it. Fini!
  • NO RELIGION: By this we mean no “touting” or, on the opposite end of the spectrum, “tear-down” of religion. We all have our beliefs and it is best to simply respect each other.
  • NO PEDDLING. If you’ve joined the site primarily to peddle your wares, this isn’t the place. Of course, let everyone know what you are up to it. It can even be a point of interest for others, but, please, don’t “peddle” far and wide.
  • NO SEXUAL CONTENT: Self explanatory, except that this also applies to gender bias and baiting. We don’t need it.
  • NO VIOLENT CONTENT: This is, perhaps, the toughest rule because it goes beyond what is generally thought of as violent to include images of gore and death that some individuals do not think of as violent, but others do. Before posting images, especially of a gratuitous nature, that display the suffering or death of any member of any sentient species, please consider the feelings of those who honor all sentient species. Thank you.

The greatest reason for ALL of these rules is that we do not want to give energy to the common “dividing lines” in our society.

The truth is that there is far more common ground between us, if we only allow ourselves to go there. Another great reason for all of these “rules” is that we want to look at allowing younger people to join the site in the near future. Teaching the youngsters by example is better done when we first figure it out for ourselves.

We reserve the right to oust any member at any time, of course, with good cause.

If you have any suggestions to improve “the rules,” please let us know.

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