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Why Re-Purpose the Site?

My name is Barbara and I am the hijacker of Robert G. Brunner's website: michiganmuskiebob.com. It's okay. I built the site, so I am allowed. I am also Robert's daughter, so I am doubly allowed. Lol.

Seriously, a decision had to be made about shutting the site down or doing something radically different with it. This is because I built the site years ago, when my father was able to actively pursue being a guide on Lake St. Clair and building lures for sale, but, as life goes, this is no longer the case. Please don't get me wrong. If given the chance, my father will guide all day long and he fills whatever requests that he gets for lures. It's just that his age demands that he rethink how he approaches his great love of fishing. And as his daughter, I have to think about everything that he wants for the future. This site is part of my response.

The hijacking and re-purposing of this site is a surprise for my father. He was not aware of it being built. He made the decision to let the site go. I made the decision to turn it into what I hope will be an inclusive community of kindhearted individuals working toward their to-do lists, just like my father. I have the skills to make the site happen and if it brings new friendships and support to my father's "so want to-do list" as well as that of all involved, it seems worth doing. I believe that we all benefit when building community.

That's it, in a nutshell. Welcome to the community! Enjoy.

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Realizing our greatest dreams, oh yeah!

Our Namesake and His "So Want To-Do List"

In his own words: I started fishing a section of Lake St. Clair known as Bouvier Bay on the north end of the lake, with my dad in 1929. My first fish beyond much doubt was a Small Mouth Bass as this was my dad’s favorite fish. We also fished for Blue Gills and Perch a lot, and on occasion Crappie. I barely remember some of my first years as memory fades with time, but I do remember my first Muskie in 1931. Seeing that it was a bit under legal size my Dad made me throw it back. So that means that I have been fishing for over 80 years now. I guess it is the part of my life that makes me whole. All I can really say is that the fishing part of my life has been a great ride. MuskieBob

Robert G. Brunner, Sr.
Robert G. Brunner, Sr.

As MuskieBob's daughter, I knew the other big part of his life has been the love of his life, my mother. And now that he is getting up there in age, he has been thinking about her well being in his absence. These two grand loves of his life form what could be thought of as the stuff of his "to-do list." And as his daughter, I will do all that I can do to support his success in meeting his dreams but I am not in the financial position to simply make it happen. Instead, among many other things, I offer my time and energy in the building of this site as a "thank you" to others who want to see my father's dreams come true as well. Simply, for the sake of love and compassion. Thank you.

"So Want To-Do List" #1: Pay Off the Brunner House

The Brunner House

The Brunner House is a very modest home. It has been in the family for nearly 60 years. Due to financial ups and downs, it had to be remortgaged after it was paid off. It is time to make it a secure foundation, once again. Whether or not you know MuskieBob, you can become a member of the community. As his daughter, hijacking and re-purposing this site, and maintaining it over the long run, is my way of saying "thank you" to anyone and everyone who chooses to contribute to the fulfillment of my father's dreams. If you don't want to be a member but you do want to contribute to this dream coming true, you are welcome to do so. There is a contribution form in the footer of every page on the site. I extend my sincere gratitude to everyone.

"So Want To-Do List" #2: Do Outrageously Fun Stuff

Let's Do Fun Stuff!

Fun is the name of the game. Bob is interested in: Fishing, teaching kids to fish, talking fish, war or childhood stories over coffee, visiting a museum, going to a train show, collecting stamps, playing Yahtzee or cards, and more. It's all good. We don't want to tire him out too much, lol, but let's go for it. If you know Bob and want to invite him to join you in anything fun, just give him a call or drop an email. If you do not know him, you can email or, better yet, become a member of the community and get to know him. Even better yet, if you know of any other WWII vets and if it is possible, please try to get them to join the site. As a community we can work to meet the "Let's do fun stuff!" items on the bucket list of other WWII vets, too. Have fun!

A Message From the hijacker :-)

Our raison d’être

Our raison d’être

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